2019 Recordings

January 28th: Brian Mustanski (Third Coast CFAR), “Don’t assume if you build it they will come. Two hybrid effectiveness-implementation trials of eHealth HIV prevention programs for diverse adolescent and young”
February 25th
: Robin Lanzi, Pam Foster, and Edward Jackson (UAB CFAR), “Research Strategies of the Inter-CFAR Faith and Spirituality Research Collaborative (CFSRC): Tackling the Epidemic in the Deep South”
March 25th: Alan Greenberg (DC CFAR), Nanette Benbow (Third Coast CFAR), and April Pettit (Tennessee CFAR), “CFARs and Health Departments- Working together to improve HIV surveillance, prevention, care and research”
April 22nd: Mackenzie Cottrell and Angela Kashuba (UNC CFAR), “Use and Misuse of Adherence Measures in Clinical Trials”
May 20th: Curt Beckwith (Providence/Boston CFAR), “CFAR Collaboration on HIV in Corrections”