The UNC CFAR has eight Cores, each of which offer unique services to support the entire spectrum of HIV/AIDS research:


Provides overall Center administration and enhancement of collaboration and communication, and is the focus of community outreach and interaction.


Facilitates incorporation of new investigators, new areas of investigation, and investigations requiring rapid deployment.


Coordinates and enhances clinical research.

Clinical Pharmacology/Analytical Chemistry

Facilitates investigation of absorption and metabolism of new and existing compounds active against HIV and opportunistic infections.


Integrates sound statistical designs and analyses into all HIV/AIDS projects and develops new methods for study design and analysis.

Social and Behavioral Science 

Coordinates and enhances behavioral, epidemiological, and translational research. Also assists in community outreach and interaction.

HIV/STD Laboratory (formerly VIM) 

Supports research among CFAR investigators and training in sample preparation and/or the performance of immunologic procedures. It provides state-of-the-art viral phenotype and genotype support.


Connects UNC investigators to key populations in Africa and Asia, and connects in-country scientists to research and training resources at our US location.