Slides and audio from each Friday morning conference hosted by the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases is available as a podcast on the UNC Center for AIDS Research website. Check out our video archives for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Academic Year Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Nov. 16, 2018, Christopher Plowe, MD, MPH, of the Duke Global Health Institute presented “Global Health in War and Peace: A Case for Global Health Diplomacy
Nov. 9, 2018, Jessica Lin, MD, MSCR, of UNC presented “Challenges to Malaria Elimination in the 21st Century
Nov. 2, 2018, Stanley M. Lemon, MD, of UNC presented “Enterically-transmitted Viral Hepatitis: Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E
Oct. 26, 2018: Heidi Swygard, MD, MPH, of UNC presented “Rapid ART: Are We Ready to Start?
Oct. 19, 2018: Tessa Andermann, MD, MPH, of UNC presented “The Microbiome and Antimicrobial Stewardship: Infectious Diseases in the Genomic Era
Oct. 12, 2018: Luther Bartelt, MD, of UNC presented “Unraveling Endemic Giardiasis and the Intestinal ‘Pathobiome’ of Childhood Malnutrition
Sept. 28, 2018: Natalie Bowman, MD, MPH, of UNC presented “Chagas Disease in People Living with HIV in South America” and Ross Boyce, MD, MSc, of UNC presented “Geography as Destiny: Health Outcomes in Rural Western Uganda
Sept. 21, 2018: David Margolis, MD, of UNC presented “Toward Treatment to Cure HIV Infection: Work in Progress at the UNC HIV Cure Center”
Sept. 7, 2018: Frank Palella, MD, of Northwestern University presented “Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Infection”

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