CODEThe Community Outreach, Dissemination, and Education (CODE) Office at the UNC Center for AIDS Research connects the UNC CFAR to local communities, to the media, to people living with HIV and their families, to students, to research partners and investigators, and to other universities and organizations across the country. The CODE Office enhances the impact of CFAR research by making it accessible, practical and sustainable.

The CODE Office has launched a new website, including information on research findings and new developments at the UNC Center for AIDS Research, HIV/AIDS learning tools, community involvement in CFARs nationwide, and HIV and faith-based communities. This website will be a hub for information and a resource tool for community organizations, CFARs and researchers working on dissemination and education in the field of HIV/AIDS, and community members seeking a better understanding of the connections between the UNC Center for AIDS Research and the community.

Visit the new website here!