ServicesTypeUNC ($)Non-UNC ($)
Assays (CAP/CLIA by arrangement)
A1 Qualitative RNA assay - Hologic Aptima on DTS**
A2 Quantitative HIV RNA - Abbott RealTime (blood/nonblood)**
A3 Quantitative HIV RNA - Hologic Aptima on Panther**
A4 Gonorrhea/Chlamydia NAAT - Hologic Aptima Combo2 on Panther**
A5 Trichomonas NAAT - Hologic Aptima TV on Panther**
A6 Mycoplasma genitalium NAAT - Hologic Aptima Mgen on Panther**
A7 Trichomonas culture assay (InPouch)**
A8 PSA testing - Abbott Architect**
A9 PSA rapid testing**
A10 DNA extraction for HLA1425
A11 HLA testing195304
A12 Flow Cytometry: staining and/or acquisition**
A14 Multiplex cytokines (MagPix)**
A15 p24 (AlphaLISA)**
S1 PBMC processing from each 30mL of blood**
S2 One spin processing and aliquotting**
S3 Two spin processing and aliquotting**
S4 Specimen aliquots (no processing)**
S5 Leukopak processing and storage of viable cells**
S6 Phlebotomy5078
S7 Donor recruitment for phlebotomy1524
S8 Specimen handling charge (per box)1524
S9 Dry ice shipping (plus shipper fees)113176
S10 Liquid nitrogen shipping (dry shipper) (plus shipper fees)144224
S11 Analysis/Labor (per hour)6094
S12 Consultation (per hour)100156
S13 ELISPOT use (non CFAR users, per hour)5078
S14 MagPix use (per run)5078
S15 Specimen storage at -20 or -80 (per box per year)0.51
S16 Specimen storage in liquid nitrogen (per box per year)12