The quarterly UNC CFAR Newsletters highlight recent events and developments from the CFAR. Follow the links below to view, download, and print our newsletters. 


January 2022 UNC CFAR Newsletter; ISSUE 1










April 2022 UNC CFAR Newsletter

January 2022 UNC CFAR Newsletter



January 2021 CFAR Newsletter: A New Year, A New Start
UNC CFAR Newsletter Header text over image of Old Well

April 2021 CFAR Newsletter: Springing Into Greatness
UNC CFAR Newsletter header over image of Old Well.

July 2021 CFAR Newsletter: Community Engagement and Research at its FinestCFAR July 2021 Newsletter header: Community Engagement and Research at its Finest

November 2021 CFAR Newsletter: Supplements, Research, and Working Groups ‘Falling’ All Around Us!