Beginning in 2021, Friday Morning conference will be held from 9:15am-10:15AM each Friday of the academic year. 

UNC CFAR partners with the clinical division of infectious diseases and the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Disease on a weekly conference series featuring distinguished clinicians and scientists from UNC, local universities, and other national and international institutions. The topics are varied and appeal to not only infectious disease specialists, but also professionals in epidemiology, public health, microbiology, biostatistics and other global health-related disciplines. To suggest a speaker, please conference coordinator Dr. Arlene Seña-Soberano or Kathy James.

**The conference is now offered online via Zoom. An email with Zoom link is sent out weekly; sign up here for email notices.

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Upcoming Conference Schedule: 2021-2022

DateTitle or TopicSpeaker
March 11, 2022Busting 75 Years of ID Myth: Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Osteomyelitis, Bacteremia, and EndocarditisBrad Spellberg (LAC-USC)
March 18, 2022Antimalarial Drug Resistance in South America: Twists and Turns on the Map from Genotype to PhenotypeDaniel Neafsey (Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health)
March 25, 2022Hepatitis C VirusesStan Lemon (UNC)
April 1, 2022STI/HIV Training ProgramTrainees (UNC)
April 8, 2022Innovate CarolinaProvost Clemens/ Michelle Bolas (UNC)
April 22, 2022Emerging infectious disease modeling and transmission project in MadagascarCharlie Nunn (Duke)
April 29,2022Pay-it-forward and pro-social interventions in Project ChinaRayner Tan/Giftey Marley (UNC)
May 6, 2022ID Pathogenesis T32 ProgramTrainees (UNC)
May 13, 2022TIDE ID EPI Training ProgramTrainees (UNC)
May 20, 2022UNC-Duke CFAR PrEP Developmental ProjectsMarie Stoner (RTI International); John Mitchell (Duke); Allysha Maragh-Bass (FHI 360)
May 27, 2022TBAMichael Marks (LSTHM)
Stay tuned for upcoming Friday Morning Conference topics!